Adding on to “The Handicap Pass”

“yeah you park in that handicap spot even though you’re not handicapped.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. My boyfriend and I were going to a concert in Boston and because of my FSHD I like to drive into Boston so that I can park close and not have to walk far. We were searching forever for a spot when we finally found one right in front of the concert venue. I pulled in quickly and ask quick as I could, threw up the handicapped placard onto the rear view mirror. As soon as it’s secure on the mirror I hear that sentence come out of a 20-something year old man.  Are you kidding me??? I say loudly to my boyfriend. I wanted so badly to get out of the car and shove my handicapped placard with MY FACE on it, right in his face. I’m going to say it again, what gives you the right to tell a person that they’re not handicapped. You don’t know what I’ve been through, you don’t feel the severe pain I feel 15 hours a day. How can you lecture me and tell ME that I am not handicapped. This situation bugged me so much. The worst part is that I wasn’t able to show him that I really am handicapped. So he could have went on with his night telling people “oh yeah I saw some young couple park in a handicap spot using their grandmas placard, what’s wrong with people?” When in reality, the only person in the wrong is that man. He judged someone just based on appearance. He saw a young, healthy looking couple park handicap and automatically assume they’re doing something wrong. The part I find most annoying (and I hope nobody gets offended by this; but let’s be real its 2015, everything offends everyone) the 20-something year old man was black. I thought about all of the times he has probably been judged solely based on appearance, yet here he is doing the same thing to someone else. When are people going to realize that you can discriminate against people with disabilities as well as race and gender. I know of a few movements lead by disabled people who are trying to get rid of the discrimination towards people with disabilities. Just think about that the next time you judge someone solely based on appearance, whether it be their gender, race, or disability.


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