How does this affect me?

Just a few months ago, when everyone was posting on Facebook saying millennials, people of color, the LBGT community, etc. are all in danger if Trump gets elected…I didn’t really believe it. At the time I thought, well what is Trump really going to do? I mean the senate isn’t going to let him pass all of these laws that could endanger people. Today I was in shock when I already saw The House passing an anti-abortion bill. It’s only been a few days since Trump officially became the President of The United States and he is already letting millions of people down. I thought at first this law wouldn’t affect me….but then I thought about it.

By having FSHD there is a 50% chance that my child will also inherit the symptoms of FSHD. You can lessen the percentage though by doing gene therapy, where they take out the gene causing FSHD, DUX-4. But gene therapy is not 100% reliable. After they complete the gene therapy process, I would have to go back to the doctors to see if the process actually worked. If it didn’t work and my unborn child (really a fetus) has the FSHD gene, then I will have to choose whether or not I want to abort the pregnancy.

This is a huge decision for me. Not that I necessarily have to worry about it right now, but I do have to think about it. I know that I do not want my baby living with FSHD. This kind of gene therapy technology was not around when my mother had me, but now that it’s here, I am going to use it. I want to put an END to FSHD in my family. I do not want my child growing up worrying about how different they look, getting made fun of by other people, in pain 24/7, the list goes on. I want their life to be different and I am going to make sure that happens.

How did we let Trump become president? Are there really that many people out there that believed he would be a great fit for our country. Everyone wanted change and that’s exactly what you got. Not good change, but bad. I can’t begin to wonder how many other awful laws are going to be passed. Stay tuned.


One thought on “How does this affect me?

  1. Lexi, I also have FSHD and I completely understand what you are talking about. I think you are 100% right that it should be your choice to decide or not to continue a pregnancy, considering the diagnosis of FSHD. I, like you, am also freaked out by this new administration… But let’s remain positive: considering the scandals that are currently coming to light, it might be short lived…

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